In Brazil, people are lining up to get an ‘ugly tattoo’ from this artist

26-year-old artist Helena Fernandes is proof that, if you put your mind to it, you can be anything you want to be. Even as a sought-after tattooist with poor drawing skills.

The Salvador de Bahia, Brazil-based creative is unlike most tattoo artists. Instead of making beautiful, highly intricate designs, she does the opposite: she makes ugly stick figures and scribbles, which oddly, has gained her a cult following.

The story goes, Fernandes first started by inking her boyfriend for fun. When her friends liked her work, she gave them tats as well. From there, she set up shop at home and customers soon started coming in droves just to get, what she calls as, “trash tattoos.”

“People are coming to me just because they want something done in my personal style, because if they wanted something super well done, they would look for another tattoo artist,” she said. “Quality is not my forte.”

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Fernandes’ creative process involves… well… there is no creative process. She simply doodles on paper then inks the design on the client. There are no retries and touch-ups, as well as reproducing works made by others, because frankly, she doesn’t know how.

“I am aware that my work is bad, but since people think it’s funny, they keep asking me to do it,” she said.

When her unique style went viral, many tattooists deemed her creations as a mockery of the industry. This, however, hasn’t fazed Fernandes.

“It is not my intention to make a mockery of the art of tattooing,” she explained. “I don’t think I am good at it, I am just a baby crawling on this tattoo path.

“But even if the public likes my tattoos, I am not competing with talented tattoo artists. I think there is enough room for everyone in this world.”

To see more of Fernandes’ tattoos, you can check out her Instagram account.

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