So, there’s a big inflatable Trump chicken just behind the White House

That’s bound to… ruffle up some feathers at the White House.

On Wednesday, people noticed something was different in the background of pictures taken at the White House. Standing in the Ellipse, just south of the official residence of the US president, was a giant inflatable chicken with the same hairdo as Donald Trump!

As it turns out, the 30-foot-tall mascot was put up by filmmaker Taran Singh Brar to call out Trump’s “weak and ineffective” leadership, as well as his playing chicken with North Korea.

The bird with the golden coif first appeared in January at a mall in Taiyuan, China. The sculpture, which was designed by artist Casey Latiolais, was made to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

According to Brar, this version of the chicken was funded through GoFundMe and was granted a permit by the US Secret Service. The balloon cost AUS$1,648 (US$1,300) to make.

No one knows if Trump finds the installation… fowl, as he’s currently in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Via Mashable