Japanese ‘cat island’ woos Ed Sheeran with promise of pussies

A cat island in Japan has attempted to lure Ed Sheeran by posting a promotional video to YouTube. The video opens by rather formally addressing the pop star. “Mr Sheeran,” it says. “Did you know that there is a cat island in Japan?”

“It’s called Ainoshima. It’s a tiny, tiny island and the size can’t even be compared to Ireland!,” it adds humbly, while dropping in a sly homage to Sheeran’s Irish heritage.

Set to Sheeran’s hit “The Shape of You,” the video then shows footage of the adorable felines pouncing around the island. Awwwwwwww

Since cats are officially the most-loved animal on the internet and Ed Sheeran is mega-popular himself, this should be a sure-fire winner. You’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t love one or the other.

Hating both is basically impossible.

The video concludes by reminding Sheeran that the cats are “care-free and full of life,” so we can assume none were harmed in the making of this video. “Over 150 cats are eagerly waiting for you!”, it says.

The good folks at Ainoshima probably caught onto the fact that Sheeran is a known cat lover. His Instagram feed is, uh, littered with cat pics, his adopted kitty Graham has its own Twitter and he once did an impromptu gig at a Japanese cat café.


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Hanging out with Boris

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Daddy's home

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Ainoshima isn’t the only cat island in Japan – there are actually at least 11.

Sheeran is scheduled to tour Japan in October, so if he wants to include the cat islands, he better start planning now.

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